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Giving Back Experiences is all about being able to have exciting adventures and unique experiences that you simply can’t buy anywhere else. At the same time, you’ll know you’re doing something good and giving back to charity. Experiences like delivering a new cello to a girl in need in Mexico or taking part in a local scavenger hunt and winning a prize! It’s all about having fun but, at the same time, doing something good for someone else.
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Nine Acre Wood Farm is the working farm that creates, cultivates and curates products for sale. 

Our motto is ‘From our family farm to your kitchen table’, and we believe that with every beat of our hearts! Our farm and our family are very much a part of our local community. 

We love to collaborate and work with artists, farmers, homesteaders and other suppliers both in our local area and further afield to bring unique, quality items to your kitchen table. We even craft and produce some of what we sell right here at Nine Acre Wood Farm!

As a family with a lengthy history, we have a thriving collection of items carefully curated to sell through our website. We guarantee these pieces of our farm and family’s history will make incredibly unique gifts. Or maybe they’ll just complete your own collection!

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It's always such a pleasure to work with Taya! There's nothing better than farm fresh eggs, and the time that I spent on her farm was welcoming and refreshing. I can't wait to go back!
Katie McKay

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I had such a fun time with the Giving Back Experience so far, and I look forward to the events that Taya puts on in the future!
Jen Albert
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