Nine Acre Wood Farm

Where there’s always a seat at the table and everyone is welcome

You might not find Christopher Robin or Winnie the Pooh wandering around outside, but you will find the warm welcome of a Sunshine Coast family farm.

Nestled in Elphinstone, BC, just a short hop from Vancouver, the farm is a world away from the bustle and noise of the big city. Here, we grow Red Russian Garlic and are in the midst of planting 3000 Christmas trees. Our grounds are available for camping, giving you the choice of meadow, garden, farm and wild woods to explore. And, inspired by the community of artists right on our doorstep, Nine Acre Wood Farm is a haven and artistic outlet for its residents, too. All this and just minutes from the beach, where there are breathtaking views overlooking the nearby islands.

Welcome to our family farm

I’m Taya. As the owner of Nine Acre Wood Farm, I’m also the spokesperson for our family and what we get up to here. 

We bought the farm in 2018, while I was still working in Langley. Friends know me as the Garlic Queen! But I wear a lot of hats, and our farm provides many different opportunities for us to produce, grow, sell and share our various products. 

Aside from homesteading and farming, I’m also extremely passionate about Giving Back Experiences, a venture that really puts the FUN into fundraising, which you can find out all about here.

As a woman who never sits still, I’ve always got plenty going on! I love to crochet, sew and upcycle fabric and anything else I can find. I also love to paint. And community is something I’m so enthusiastic about. Bringing everyone together is my ultimate goal, and my farm is the perfect place for all of this to happen!

Tour the Farm

Nine Acre Wood Farm is a working family farm. We grow Red Russian Garlic and are currently planting our Christmas trees, which will be available to purchase when they’re mature.

Staying at Nine Acre Wood Farm

Did you know you can stay at the farm? With nine acres of land available, you have your pick of spaces to pitch your tent and get comfortable. Choose a meadow, a clearing in the woods or right beside the fire pit. Wherever you decide to lay your hat, make it your home for as long as your stay lasts. 

With the hobby farm, meadow, gardens and wild woods to explore, as well as being minutes from the beach and a short walk to local shops and pubs, Nine Acre Wood really is the perfect place for your next camping trip. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the deer prancing and grazing in the meadow!

From our family farm to your kitchen table

Here at the farm, we take great delight and pleasure in being able to source the very best produce and products for you, which you can buy directly through our website!

Whether items are locally sourced, found further afield or even crafted right here on the farm by our family, our goal is always to deliver unique, quality items that you’ll love using in your own homes. It’s our way of bringing the Nine Acre Wood Farm lifestyle directly to you!

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